The Wave part 4 of 4. The End

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These set of chapters were horrific. What happened at the beginning of these last chapters was. Laurie went to the football game, even though her and David broke up. She wanted to sit with Amy. When she got there she got stopped by Brad, a member of the Wave. He was looking for Laurie’s membership card for the Wave. If you don’t have your membership card she wasn’t allowed to watch the football game. Since Laurie wasn’t part of the Wave anymore she didn’t have a membership card. In the end Brad let Laurie go on without a membership card, but Laurie didn’t want to watch the game anymore. On Sunday after the game, Laurie had a meeting for the Grapevine (the school newspaper). They talked about the Wave at this meeting. On Monday, Laurie wanted to show the article about the Wave to Amy, before they published the paper so Amy could get out of the Wave while she still can. Amy told Laurie not to publish the article in the Grapevine. She said that the story is not true, that people are blaming the Wave on all the fights that are happening. Laurie said that it was already too late, she already have published the article. Amy got mad at Laurie for not listening to her. Lots of people read the Grapevine. The copies of the Grapevine have never been scooped up any faster.

Mr. Ross was hearing rumors go around the school about the Grapevine and about the football game that they lost against Clarkstown. Mr. Ross was in the faculty room when he heard people standing outside in the hall talking. They were talking about the Wave, and that Mr. Ross had the kids brainwashed. Mr. Ross went home after he heard what they were talking about.

David waited for Laurie later that day after school. David wanted to talk to her about the article that she published in the news paper. When David spotted Laurie coming out he went to meet her. They started to fight about the Wave. He got so mad at Laurie that he grabbed her arm hard and threw her on the ground. David got scared of what he did after that. He was sorry for what he did. He said that the Wave turned him into that. He quit the Wave after that.

David and Laurie went to go to Mr. Ross’s house. Tell him that the Wave was turning into something bad. Mr. Ross said that he had a idea to stop the Wave. The next day Mr. Ross told the kids in the Wave that the leader of the Wave was going to talk with them. In the auditorium hall Mr. Ross had pictures on a projector of Hitler. He told them that he was there leader. That the Wave was turning into a bad thing. The Wave didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to.

I think this book was good. What they say about history repeating it’s self, they were right! I think that what happened in this book is what happened like the stuff that happened in Nazi Germany.

Dear David.
What do you think would have happened if things went farther with the Wave. Do you think that thing would have got worse or would things have gotten better? Do you think you would still be in the Wave if it continued, and you never threw Laurie to the ground? What was the most memorable thing that happened to you, when you were in the Wave? Where do you think you would be if the Wave never happened? Do you think that things would be different or would they be the same? Do you think that lots of things changed or not much stuff? Do you think that things changed for good or for bad?

Dear Laurie
I think that you are a really caring person. Do you think that things changed for you for better or worse? Are you glad you got out of the Wave when you did? If the Wave didn’t go bad, if it stayed good, do you think you would still be in it? If David never threw you on the ground, do you think you would be able to get him out of the wave? If things never changed, if the Wave never happened do you think that Robert would still be the dorkiest person in your class? For Robert, do you think the Wave was a good thing for him? Do you think he became more involved with school, when the Wave started? If the Wave never happened do you think that things would still have changed? What was one of the good things that happened during the Wave? What was one of the bad things that had happened? I think that you are a amazing person. You did good writing bad stuff about the Wave. You did good getting out of the Wave while you still can.


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The Wave Part 3 of 4

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This weeks chapters are about Laurie feels the Wave is turning into something bad. Laurie is sitting in the publication office at the school. Chewing on her Bic pen. Getting ready to start the editorial meeting. They have a meeting and nobody that does the writing writes something for the paper, which is due soon. When the meeting is almost over, people suggest to write stuff on the Wave. Since Laurie is in the Wave , they try to get her to write the article. She doesn’t do it because she wants to save it.

Mean while there has been fights going on with kids that are in the Wave, and kids that don’t want to join the Wave. The people in the Wave are trying to get the people that aren’t in the Wave yet to join the group. At one point of the book, Mr. Ross has to go to the principals office, as the principal wants to have a word with Mr. Ross, about the Wave. Mr. Ross didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. It turned out to be a good thing. The principal is liking how the kids are all doing there home work, and working really hard in school.

Around the end of this section, Laurie and David break up. He says he can’t go out with her since she isn’t going to the big pep rally for the Wave, and that she is not liking how the Wave is turning out to be. After they break up. Laurie is at home, with her parents there. Her mom keeps bothering her, seeing how she is doing after the break up. Finally one time Laurie’s father comes in saying that he heard a rumor about a fight that went on at the school with these kids. One of them was in the Wave, the other boy that was getting beat up, was Jewish. Laurie’s father thought things were getting out of hand.

What I think will happen in the last set of chapters, is Laurie and David will make up and get back together. David will realize how bad the Wave is doing and join Laurie, to help stop the Wave. The Wave will get stronger and start beating up other people that aren’t in the Wave. Laurie will right a story about the Wave in the Grapevine ( the school newspaper). Lots more people will join the Wave. As well as leave it, realizing that it is turning bad, and they don’t want anything to do with it. Mr. Ross will get too caught up in it that he won’t want it to stop. The principal will either make Mr. Ross stop the Wave or fire him. Robert will get into a fight with other people over the Wave like some of the other people.

I think that Laurie’s mother and father will go to the school, as well with other parents. To stop the Wave. They might think that it is turning bad for there kids, and want it to stop. They get the principal involved to stop the Wave. I think that more than the school will be involved with the Wave. Some people from the town might join the Wave. I think there will be more people in the Wave than there is trying to stop the Wave. In the end I think that the Wave would come to a close. Mr.Ross will get fired. Robert will have friends, with people that were in the Wave. Lots of people would get into some serious trouble. That is what I think will happen!

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The Wave Part 2 of 4

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Last week we started to read a book called the wave. I will tell you what happened it these four chapters. Mr. Ross the history teacher, created this motto, strength through discipline. He teaches the kids what he mean by it. He told Amy to come to the front of the room. He tells her to “place her hands flat across the small of her back.” It was so she would sit up straight, and to breath easier. Every on in the rest of the class did the same as what Amy did. Than he told the students to get up and walk across the room. He would give them a command to take there seats. As he said the command, lots of the students banged into one another. They did that exercise again but this time they were faster. The next exercise was to get to your seats fast, when you start in the hallway. They did that a couple times and David had a idea, to put the students from the person with the farthest seat back in the front all the way to the person that had the closest seat to the door at the back. He made all the students obey his orders. When asked questions, the students had to stand beside there desk and start the question with “Mr. Ross”. The next day after that class ended, Mr Ross didn’t expect the students to act like they were acting the other day. He thought that, that was a one day exercise. But all the students were acting like that. So he added to the motto, Strength through Discipline, Strength through Community. He also made a class salute. The salute was to cup your hand in the shape of a wave and tap your left shoulder. David thought that what the wave is doing would be good idea for the football team. Make them all listen and follow the rules. One night Laurie told her parents about the Wave and what Mr. Ross is doing. Laurie’s mom thought it was a bad idea, but her dad didn’t care. He also added a new part to the motto. Strength through Discipline, Strength through community, Strength through Action. Robert is now part of the “cool” group since he  is in the wave.

Dear Laurie:
Why are you letting this go on? Why do you stay in the Wave when you know that it is a bad idea? I think you are a interesting person! I just don’t understand why you don’t drop out of the Wave now. Show everyone how bad it is! Stand up to the wave. Why don’t you listen to your mother, her saying this will get bad, she probably is right. Tell people you are having bad feelings about the wave! Just drop out of the wave if you don’t feel comfortable in it.

My favourite part in these set of chapters is, when Laurie is telling her mother about the wave. Saying that “it is amazing, everybody is saluting and repeating the motto, there is a energy building around you”. Laurie’s mom saying she don’t like the idea of it, it sound “militaristic”. Laurie and her mother arguing back and forth of if the Wave is good or, if the Wave is bad. Laurie’s dad is liking it, saying he is with whatever is making the kids pay attention these days.

Another good part in this section is where Laurie and David are walking to school. At the beginning of the chapter that tells them about the past and them starting to walk to school together. David would walk by her house everyday, hoping to catch Laurie. David would first catch Laurie once a week. As weeks passed they managed to catch each other more frequently.By the Spring they were walking to school everyday together. David thought that it was a matter of luck or good timing. Laurie would meet him on purpose those days that she walked with him. She would be inside watching out the window until David came by. Laurie pretended to “run into” David those days. Than she did it more frequently. They walked with each other almost everyday since then.

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The Book That Is Based On a Real Story.

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The Wave so far is about a class of teenagers. Their teacher, Mr. Ross is teaching them all about World war 2. The history behind it, all the stuff that happened, what happened, etc. One day in class they watched a movie of World War 2. It apparently was really disturbing. It showed what happened with the Jews and all the people in the concentration camps. It really freaked a lot of people out.  That day after class a couple of students stayed after class. One of those students was Laurie Saunders, and her friend Amy Smith. At the end of class, Amy asked a question, “Why didn’t any one try to stop them?” Mr. Ross didn’t have a answer to her question. He could only guess why they didn’t stop.

After Amy didn’t get a correct answer, she and Laurie went to lunch. Laurie was too disgusted to eat her lunch so her boyfriend David Collins ate it. He is in Laurie’s history class too, but he never got as disgusted as Laurie did. He is also a football player and has a stronger stomach than Laurie.

That night Mr.Ross was at home, trying to find an answer to the question Amy had asked him in class. He was right into his work. He got “involved” with stuff, or absorbed into them. The question bothered him that he couldn’t answer her question. It bothered him that he had to guess the answer, and not just have the answer. When he gets into his work he has to finish it. That’s what the narrator describes his personality as. He was up late trying to find the answer. He couldn’t find it, and he can’t remember if there was a answer ever written down. Or if it was a answer they had to learn themselves.

What I think will happen in the next couple of chapters is, Mr. Ross will get his class to do something in a group kind of way. He will get them to do stuff like what happened in World War 2. He will form a group with his history class. A movement type thing. He is trying to get the kids to answer the question Amy had asked him. I think everyone would be involved with the movement but Laurie and maybe Amy. I think they will both try to stop it from happening. Or be too afraid to stand up to stop it. I think Laurie and Amy would be in on it at first but when they realize what is going on they will try to stop it from happening.I also think Laurie’s boyfriend David would be with the same side as Laurie. They would have to try to find a way to stop Mr. Ross from going too far.

I think other classes would get involved with this class. It would be harder to stop with only a couple people trying to stop it. I think Laurie would like the idea of the class at first. Then she will feel like this is what happened in World War 2 and try to get people to help her stop Mr. Ross from doing this. I think Laurie would wonder why Mr. Ross would start this. Why there is not many people to try to stop this. Why people are in on it and is helping Mr. Ross do that. I think there might be more people that will help stop Mr. Ross from doing this. They would also get some of the parents involved to stop this. I think they will get the whole town involved in this.

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Sony Sues over PS3 ecryption hacked

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Sony sues PlayStation3 hackers for publishing how to bypass the security on it’s game consoles. The PS3 consoles were said ” it is invulnerable and the most secure game consoles ever built”. The PS3 was the “only one to withstood hacking attempts”.

In December 2010 a group of European programmers called failedOverflowed  revealed finally broke specific lower levels of the PS3 encryption system that lets them run their own programs on the PS3 consoles.

Shortly after this happened, George Hotz, a US hacker. Who gained notoriety in 2007 ” for unlocking Apples iphone”. Added on to failedOverflow’s idea to get access to the PS3 system. He obtained the master encryption key. Hotz published a decryptor key to sonys master key.

I think this is important to me and others is because it is illegal. People Shouldn’t hack other company’s stuff. People like playing games on the Ps2 console. You should buy the games. Others need money but if you hack you don’t buy the games. They are playing illegal games on the console.

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Liesel’s Conflict in The Book Thief

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In class we are reading this book called the book thief. There are many conflicts in the book that lead back to Liesel. Liesel is a very complex character in The Book Thief. She is the main character in the story. There are many different conflicts that happen to Liesel in this book. One conflict is Leisel vs. herself. One example for Leisel vs. herself would be when Leisels brother dies and she is dealing with the emotions of losing her brother. Another one would be when she gets adopted by the Hubermanns, and she doesn’t want to leave her mother. Another one would be when Leisel is fighting others at school like Tommy Muller. She is dealing with some conflict inside herself. Liesel felt guilty about when she stole her first book (the grave diggers handbook) that would be another conflict that Liesel is dealing with.


There are more conflicts that Liesel deals with. One of the other conflicts are external conflicts. Like Liesel vs. society. An Example would be, Liesel is dealing with hiding a Jew in her basement. She and the Hubermanns knows that Germany is really strict about hiding Jews.  Another conflict around there would be when the bombing happens in Molching. Liesel has to deal with school. When everyone says that she can’t read but she actually can. She also has to deal with what happens in World War 2 when her step father goes off to war.


Man vs. Man would be another conflict Liesel is dealing with. That is when she has all the fights with all the people. Like her step mother Rosa. Rosa and Liesel got into many fights. Liesel has a couple fights at school with a couple of boys who torment her. Saying she can’t read. Liesel has a couple fights with Rudy Steiner in the book, it’s mostly verbally that they fight. They don’t get into many of fights though. That would probably be  some of the conflicts that Liesel deals with throughout the book till where we left off.

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Brazil mudslide

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A mudslide happened in Brazil on Wednesday at 3 a.m. The mudslide killed 381 people. It happend north of Rio de Janeiro. It happened in Teresopolis. 146 people had died in the city of  Teresopolis.

The roads and bridges were all washed away. Homes and business were destroyed in the mudslide. It also swept away cars and trucks.

There power was out. By lightning they could see all that happened with the mudslide.

Lots of people probably care about what had happened. Like peoples family, the peoples friends and than probably some that knew them. I care because people shouldn’t die like this they shouldn’t be killed or murdered.

Here is some more information.


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Thailand crash.

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I was reading on my Igoogle account. With a link from CBC that there was a crash in Thailand. The Thailand crash killed two Canadians. Another Canadian and an Australian were injured in the crash. The bus driver was also injured in the crash. They are all in the hospital. The two Canadians were identified as Kongseng Sunthorn  and Aryporn Sunthorn. The one Canadian that was injured was Huy Sonsak. He is said to be the father of  Aryporn Sunthorn. Here is some more information.

The crash happened in Phuket, Thailand. The bus ran off the road and it hit a pole. They guess that the driver was trying to pass another vehicle but another car was coming in the other direction making the bus to swerve. It was on it’s way to a hotel from a airport.

The crash happened 15 minutes into 2011.

More information is here

(Phuket is circled)

This is what happened in the crash.

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My story

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Hey I started to write a story. It is called The Vampire Princess. Come check it out here. Hope you like my first chapter. Please coment.

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Bienvenue à mon blog

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Salut, mon nom est Jessica. Je vivre dans Snow Lake, Manitoba. Je comme à aller à Tae kwon do. Je comme sports et lecture. Mon favori sport est badminton et soccer, je aussi comme basket-ball. Mon favori livres sont le immortal seiries et le twilight saga, je effectivement comme une beaucoup des livres. La plupart des livres qui je lire sont bonne à mon. Je comme à pendre avec mon amis sur jours qui sont nice. Je comme bien quand il fait chaude, de sorte que c’est surtout le moment où je sors. En hiver, je comme à aller en traîneau à une grande colline, non loin de ma maison. En hiver quand il fait froid, je préfère boire du chocolat chaud. En été, je aime aller à la plage et nager dans le lac. Mon couleurs préférées sont le bleu et le noir.  c’est tout pour aujourd’hui bye!

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